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We are a group of five family practice physicians and one certified nurse practitioners committed to the ideals of family practice. Today’s family doctors have extensive backgrounds that include three years of residency training after medical school and a commitment to taking continuing medical education courses throughout our careers. We are capable of diagnosing and treating the vast majority of your family’s medical problems, in addition to promoting wellness.

The name of our practice, Cornerstone, has two very special meanings. First, we believe that family practitioners are the cornerstone of the health care system. Besides taking care of acute and chronic medical illnesses, we emphasize staying healthy through good habits and regular preventative check-ups. Your health is our first concern. Secondly, all of the providers in our practice are Christians. The Christian faith is the cornerstone of our personal lives. For each of us, providing medical care is an expression of our concern for other people. It is a way that we can use our gifts to help other people. Of course, none of us is perfect, but we do our best to follow the example of Jesus who emphasized healing in his ministry.

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New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

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